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1st Skype Call Home This Trip

12 November 2012 No Comment

Sunday 27th to Monday 28th March 2011 – Cairns, Australia

I am over 2 months into my trip to Australia now and I have become aware of how little contact I have had with my family back home so far. I had promised to email lots and to Skype every week or so, but as yet I have failed to do so. This weekend I was definitely going to touch base again.

The night was long due to the lack of sleep last night. The heat played a big part in keeping me awake. The air conditioning unit in the room was great, and quite effective, but only lasts for a couple of hours each time a coin is inserted. Once the time runs out the coin falls into the metal box and lands on top of the other coins. As you might be able to imagine, when you are sleeping, the last thing you want to hear is a coin falling into a large metal box. The noise is enough to startle you to the point of screaming. I nearly hit the roof the first time I was awoken by such a loud sound. For this reason we do not use the air con any more at night.

Entertainment on Cairns EsplanadeMyself and one of the girls from the hostel walked down to Cairns central to the Lagoon where we cooled off from the intense heat of the sun. The water was a welcome relief indeed. We also sat to watch a live band on the green, yet I felt I was the only person actually interested in the music. Every other person on the green were either sunbathing, talking or playing a game of sorts. I had to laugh as an old guy with a tambourine stood next to the stage, offering his musical wizardry. He actually looked like a sporty wizard, yet his timing was all out, and I felt he wasn’t really enhancing the music in any way. He was not part of the band, but a homeless guy, I think.

The rain began to fall and the people soon departed, leaving just the lonely band. Even the wizard took his leave at this point. We didn’t stick around either and took a walk back to the hostel.

Another evening was spent at the Woolshed before returning home to watch an average movie on a channel that displayed ads every 10 minutes, and lasted around 5 minutes each time. There were more ads than movie, and this was enough to send me to bed instead.

The following day people began to leave. The two girls I have been spending time with were both off this morning. One was headed north for work, the other was moving to another hostel that was pre-booked before coming to Australia. I took myself into town to Skype my family and to buy some food from the supermarket.

I was looking forward to seeing my family again. Email is a good way to keep in contact, but you begin to miss what people look like. I found a good Internet café and sat myself down. Seeing my family all sat down together at home was enough to bring a small tear to my eye, but made me smile. Unfortunately there was a lack of sound, and nobody could hear each other. We had to mime and use sign language to get our messages across, as well as the good old typing, but it was nice to see some familiar faces at least. It was a shame I couldn’t hear them though, as I would love to hear their voices again.

After the Skype call I returned to the hostel to meet one of the girls who had moved hostel. She had been in the sun all morning and was a bright shade of red, so we opted to just chill by the hostel pool until the meal at the Woolshed in the evening.

I have an annoying guy in my room currently, and he chooses to moan about everything, and feels compelled to tell everybody they are wrong all the time. He creates debates constantly, and always strives to get the last word in, often alienating himself from the other guests. He was up to his old tricks again this evening and I had to distance myself from him. I sat with a couple of cool Italian girls who had just arrived, and was incredibly pleased I did. They are so much fun. We didn’t stay too long as we were all a little frustrated with this annoying guy. A group of us left him in a heated debate with some poor, unsuspecting guests from another hostel, and returned to our own hostel for a chat before bed.

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