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2015 and the Start of New Projects

7 January 2015 No Comment

Having spent almost 2 years without a single update to this website, I feel it is about time I finish what I have begun, and to complete my Australia journal, as well as any additional trip I have been on since, and the experiences gained there.

The past few years have been busy, with new challenges undertaken, and new paths walked, and I am always looking forward to bigger and better things. Hopefully 2015 will see a big improvement for me, as well as all my loyal readers. With 2 years in the dark, it is only natural that people will have lost interest in this site, but I hope that I can re-ignite that interest, and start mending relationships, and build new ones along the way. Life is a journey, and journeys are better when there are others to share it with.

Over the coming months I will finish my journal entries for my Australia trip that was 4 years ago now! Time flies, especially when you are busy, or having fun. I aim to write a few small pieces about my stay in Greece, and the reasons behind it, as well as what I gained from it. I am looking forward to the next few years as being among the biggest and most significant of my life, after-which I will have either realized my dreams, or settled for something else. Either way, it is all very exciting.

As always, I welcome any genuine comments, and always take the time to read and learn from others. If you have a trip you are planning, I would love to hear about it.

Here’s to a great 2015!

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