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A Campsite Just Outside Madrid – Day 20

20 November 2009 One Comment

Saturday 1st August 2009 – Spain

I’m into August now, three weeks into travelling, and I’m still getting strange looks from everyone. Maybe its the fact that an English person has driven here in the first place, maybe they don’t see many English cars, I don’t know. Anyway, today I was off to Madrid in search of a place to stay so I could receive my card, but it had to be a cheap place as money was running low.

The drive took me through many tunnels again, which I really like. If you wear your sunglasses, its much darker, and the lights along the side of the tunnel walls makes it look like a computer game. It reminds me of some rides in Florida, and brings back fond memories.

I found a place just south west from Madrid as I didn’t want to stay in the city. It was a fairly large place with trailers that are obviously here all year round, the occupants seemingly happy no call this home throughout the year. Everybody knew each other, and people sat around together eating and drinking. I found my pitch, which was partially sheltered, and set up camp. The sun was beating down again, making me sweat bucket loads. I’m not that I could get use to this heat, coming from a very cloudy country that sees little of the hot sunshine, even in summer, but I wasn’t complaining. Sunshine is what I wanted this trip, and sunshine is what I’ve got. It just means that I sweat from the second I wake, to the second I sleep, and all night long.

Post office would not be open until Monday back home so I needed to decide what to do for the next few days. I checked out the camp sites facilities which I like to do. Its always good to see what you will be showering in the next morning. I like the fact they have music in the building, although it feels more like you are in a shopping centre, or in an escalator/elevator. The music is a mix of modern Spanish, and older English. Some of it very old. I couldn’t work out if it was the radio or a CD of recorded music, but it gave me a chance for a good old sing along while sat on the loo. They also have many movement sensors here to operate taps and showers. The shower comes on when you step in, and turns off when you leave, and the sink taps come on wherever you put your hands in the sink. Its great, very modern.

I bought a pasta meal in a sachet, all I had to do was add boiling water to the mixture and cook for 10 minutes. It couldn’t be simpler. Firstly, though, I put the wrong lid on the pan as the water was boiling over the small camp stove, then couldn’t take it off without burning my hands. Next I had to separate the mixture into two as it was too much to fit in one small pan at once. This resulted in the mixture going everywhere. Then, when it was done, it was still a little runny, and as I sat down it spilled over the back of the plate, burning my thumbs, then spilled over the front, staining my white shorts and burning my legs. To top it all, it wasn’t even that tasty, or filling, so I considered it a lesson well and truly learnt. Do everything differently next time.

As the evening drew on, the clouds rolled in and the wind picked up sending cooler air through the camp site. It was nice, but I packed my things away in preparation for the inevitable rain. But it never materialized. Thunder rumbled in the distance, and rain could be seen falling some way away, but not here. It doesn’t rain much here.

I sat and relaxed for the evening, playing my guitar and watching the big ants everywhere. There are huge flying ants that have a long back segment to house their bright red wings. They look horrid. I even had a strange bug on the back of my chair. When I stepped round the back to flick it off, it moved round the front of the chair. As I stepped round to the front, it moved round the back, watching me. It was very clever. I eventually outsmarted it and flicked it off, not wanting to be beaten, and felt victorious after my small achievement. I do have fun in the evenings.

I soon went to bed, looking forward to getting my bank card so I could press on again.

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  • Scotty Stevens said:

    Ha ha! Glad you won the battle with the bug!

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