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A Restful Day in Calatayud – Day 25

20 November 2009 No Comment

Thursday 6th August 2009 – Spain

I awoke a little later this morning after a much better night sleep. It was good to have a lie in. The tent began to warm up in the sunshine so I had to get out of bed. So what was on the agenda for today?..

I assessed my situation today, and decided to use the petrol can in the car, but to my horror, I couldn’t find the petrol can hose. I was unable to get the fuel into the car, no matter what I did to improvise. So now I had only a tiny amount of fuel left. I had enough money to pay for the campsites until Friday, but I only had 5 or 6 Euro for food and water to see me through. I wasn’t happy.

I needed food and water for today and Friday, and knew the only place to get this would be back in Calatayud. It meant another trip in the car. I scraped together 2.50 for pasta and water for 2 days, and 3 Euro for a tiny amount of fuel. It would probably be just enough, provided I do get my card on Friday. If I don’t then I’m up the creek without a paddle.

Once back at the campsite I counted the money I had left. I couldn’t believe it had actually come to this. I had the sum total of 23 cents, and there was no way I was going to ask the parents for any more money. Its not as if I had anywhere to go to receive the money even if they did.

The afternoon was spent in the sunshine trying to straighten out my tent pegs. The heat from the sun made it easier to bend them, and I managed quite successfully to straighten each and every one. I had got to the point where I had no spares left, and the ones I was using were on their way out. It isn’t the best way to spend an afternoon I must admit, but it needed doing. My reward was a swim in the vacant swimming pool that overlooked the mountains. It was so nice and cool, and so peaceful. The campsite as a whole was virtually deserted. I also found time to wash my clothes in the sinks, which turned out OK, and spent the rest of the afternoon sunbathing and relaxing.

At dinner, I used the water that I had bought to cook some pasta. By now the water was very warm, the car acting as an over sized oven, but at least it wouldn’t take as long to boil. After dinner I tipped the water from the pot down by a tree and watched my little friends, the ants, making another nest from it. I watched, mesmerised as they attacked and killed a beetle and a fly, then carted them off in pieces back to their nest. I have a very interesting life at the moment. I think when I get back home, I should study wildlife, ants and insects especially. Maybe its my new direction in life 🙂

I had a text from mum to say my card was in Madrid, and would be with me by 8pm tomorrow, but we will see. I need to get back to that campsite tomorrow morning and spend the day near reception, as I need to be the one to sign for the card apparently. I wasn’t looking forward to doing nothing for an entire day, especially in a place where there was less than nothing to do, but at least it was only for one day. With any luck I might get the card early so I can be on my way before the day is up. Then the fun can begin again.

It has been nice to relax the past couple of days, though. If the main part of the trip so far has been hectic and fast-paced, this small part has been quite the opposite, although no less stressful. The campsite I’m in currently is very nice, and is run by a Spanish family. One of the guys who does all the hands on work around the site sounds a little like Ja Ja Binks from Star Wars. He has a very high pitched voice and makes odd sounds when he’s talking. Unfortunately there are a couple of kids on the site who mimic him and make fun of him. Its quite sad really, and their parents just encourage them more.

There isn’t much more I can really say about the day. It was pretty non-eventful.

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