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An Australian DeJa Vous

11 October 2012 No Comment

Sunday 20th to Monday 21st March 2011 – Brisbane, Australia

The next couple of days on my trip turned out to be a repeat of earlier moments, with familiar places, people and events. I didn’t enjoy it much at the time, but I knew it was leading up to something good. I could feel it. I had the familiar to get through first, though.

Deja vous began the moment I awoke this morning, getting up whilst everyone else in the room slept in. I wonder if these guys see much during the days, as most of the daylight passes them by, being in their slumber. It bothered me little though, as I am well aware we all have our own preferences, and all approach everyday life in our own little ways. I have always been keen to see as much of each day as possible whilst travelling, though not so much when I am stuck in the same place for a while. Perhaps this is the case for the guys still in bed.

Either way I had much of the day to kill before finally catching the Greyhound bus in the afternoon. Myself and one other from the hostel caught the same bus and set off for Brisbane for a second time this trip.

The movie on-board the bus was a chick flick of some sort, and the volume was up so loud that it stopped me from listening to my Ipod, and I had no choice but to listen to the terrible movie. I was unable to converse with my fellow traveller, so I just emptied my mind, entered a trance-like state and waited for the sound to stop.

It wasn’t long before we arrived at Brisbane, everything looking sadly familiar and uninteresting. I found myself back at Banana Benders Backpackers again, and waiting for somebody to man the reception desk again. All the faces looked the same and I felt a little trapped. I didn’t want to be back here again, but I knew I had to. I needed to book a flight out from Brisbane to Cairns, and that is exactly what I did. With the ongoing hostel booked, and everything confirmed, I was able to indulge myself in a movie night with a few other guests.

The following day was a day of relaxation in waiting for my trip out of Brisbane, heading north. I had to wait an age for the one shower to be free, and then I set out for a wander about town. I re-visited the man-made beach to see how the workers were getting on. Last time I was here the whole area was closed off, and a sneaky peek through the fence revealed a building site, and not much in the way of a man-made beach. Upon return it appears little progress has been made.

Lizards in the Botanical GardensI finished off my wander at the botanical gardens, and was thankful for the warm sun on my face. The local wildlife covered the pathways, all worshipping the sun. Most were lizards of some kind, or dragons as I have heard them named, and all were very large. One actually approached me and waited at my feet, presumably for food that never arrived, then he scurried off into one of the many gloriously colourful flower beds scattered around the gardens. I felt at peace as I sat by the waterfall, but this peace was shattered once the school kids returned from school through the botanical gardens, screaming and shouting to one another, even though they were walking beside one another. It felt like a mini tornado had swept by.

Later that evening I packed ready for my flight, then spent another evening by the television and talking with the guests. I am ready for my flight to Cairns now, and ready for the next part of my adventure.

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