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20 October 2011 No Comment

Unbelievably, over a month has gone by now since my awesome time in Australia, and it certainly feels as though time has raced by. It definitely feels about time I uploaded my pictures for you all to enjoy, and there are a fair few of them.

The eight months I spent in Australia were among the best I have had the pleasure of experiencing, and it makes me a little sad to know that it might be sometime before I can go back. I wonder if, in time, I would want to go back as much as I do now, especially when there are so many other beautiful and inspiring places to see all around the world. I’d like to think so.

Click this link to go to the photo album

I am working on several areas of this site at the moment, and pondering another new look. But I know this is a lot of work to undertake, and maybe its best left as it is, for the minute anyway. Either way, new posts will arrive soon, as promised, and videos of my time in OZ not long after that, so it makes sense to come back soon.

Take care, and once again, here is the link to the album:

Australia Photo Album

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