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Earth Hour in Cairns Central

8 November 2012 2 Comments

Saturday 26th March 2011 – Cairns, Australia

Another day looking for work was on the cards today, as well as an interesting evening in the town centre of Cairns. Today was the date that the locals chose to acknowledge Earth Hour, an event that sees all lights go out, leaving complete darkness. Bands were also promised to play some live music. It all sounded like a fun event to attend and a lot of us were quite looking forward to it.

First off this morning, I admired myself in the mirror. Not in the vein way, and not in a weird way either, but to count the copious amount of mosquito bites showered across my arms and legs, and – worryingly – in parts that were not exposed during my long walk into the rainforest yesterday. Had the mosquitoes bitten me through my clothes, or had they somehow crawled up my sleeves or shorts legs? I was in a fairly large amount of discomfort either way, and looked particularly gruesome. I counted in excess of 100 bites before losing my count, so I imagine there might be around 150 altogether.

After applying the antihistamine cream liberally over my body, I set out in the quest for work down town. First I had to print an amount of CVs (resumes), and then it was a case of handing the CV (resume) to anybody or everybody I could think of. But the response was not great, and I felt pretty sure I would be unsuccessful, but if you don’t try, you don’t get.

It was another beautiful day today, and a great day to lounge by the hostel pool, socialising with some of the guests and topping up my already-incredible tan. The pool in this hostel is small, but always clean, and just perfect to relax by. It was soon time to get ready for our evening meal at the Woolshed, so I showered and dressed, then set off.

The meal was nice as always. Nothing special, yet free, so you can’t argue with that. A group of us headed out after the meal to watch the evening’s entertainment unfold. We were eager to get there early, as we wanted a good position to oversee everything during Earth Hour. As it turned out, we were very early, and not much was happening around the town centre.

After a while sitting and waiting, we wondered if we had the wrong day, or even the wrong place, but a few of the locals reassured us we were in the right place. Minutes ticked away and we were only seconds away from all the lights going out. A few people had gathered and the band was already on stage, waiting to begin their set, when the hour finally struck. The next moment was priceless.

As we all waited in anticipation for something spectacular, the moment of truth was anything but spectacular, as almost nothing happened. We counted a grand total of two street lights that went out, leaving about fifteen or so still shining brightly. No other light from any other building or source dimmed whatsoever. So, two lights dimmed, only to come on again about 20 seconds later as the band kicked into action. We were then subject to an awful concoction of Rap music accompanied by a Harpist. It was this moment that the group of us looked at each other and burst into a chorus of laughter. This had definitely not been worth the wait, and we understood now why only a handful of people joined us in our support of this event.

The walk home was comical as we relived each moment of this epic evening, and we sacrificed what might have been a good night in the Woolshed for this non-event. In all fairness, I was happy we had, as the Woolshed is predictable now. At least we engaged in a fit of laughter tonight, and there is not a lot better than laughter in my opinion.

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  • Trainee Visa USA said:

    If I am one of those people who joined on the said event I would be very disappointed because I anticipated that many individuals will participate on the earth hour but instead two street lights are turn off.

  • dan said:

    Yes it was very disappointing, but we saw the funny side of it.

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