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Exploring Sydney in More Detail

26 October 2011 2 Comments

Friday 21st January 2011 – Sydney, Australia

I had another good sleep and had another day ahead of me to stretch my legs and see what else Sydney has to offer, but not until I had eaten breakfast of course. I had a whole city to see, so I needed some sustenance.

It had rained heavily during the night, and as we sleep with the window open, it was fairly audible, but not enough to keep me awake. The temperatures hadn’t altered though. I half expected the rain to have cleared the air a little as it does back home, but here it’s a different story. The sun was already baking the earth all around me.

I had my first experience of Australian mosquitoes last night by the looks of things. I hoped it was mosquitoes, and not bedbugs as another guy in the room had woken up to find. He was covered head to toe in them, and I know what that feels like. Having been eaten alive in a not-so-clean hostel in Slovakia a couple of years ago, I understood this guy’s anguish. I was pretty confident my bites were mosquito bites, luckily for me. I am yet to have a trip where I haven’t seen some bed bug action.

There was a full day ahead of me today, having woken up much earlier than yesterday, and I opted for a tourist attraction first. A trip to the Sea life Centre it was, and a long walk across the city in the gruelling heat was needed to get me there. I want to walk as much as possible this trip, for exercise and to save money.

Sydney Sea Life CentreYou need a map for this place as there is plenty to see, and I thoroughly enjoyed wandering about, looking at all the weird and wonderful species. However, I didn’t much like the crowds of kids all screeching and running around my feet. You can’t blame them though, as this is supposed to be a younger persons day out. I love it though!

A SnakeKoala BearI went next to the Wildlife Centre located right next to the Sea life Centre, and enjoyed another wander around, although not so much here as the previous place. It was getting warmer by the minute, and I had already been burnt again by the sun, despite caking myself in sun block. I had my picture taken with an uncooperative Koala, and had to smile as all of them seemed to be sleeping with their heads in their hands, obviously experienced enough to know that a visible face meant another prodding by a childlike tourist. I didn’t blame them for being unsociable, but I was hoping for a good picture.

Sydney City from the TowerSydney Opera HouseAfter walking back and taking the lift up the tower for mind-blowing views across the city, I decided to extend the walking with a detour to the Opera House, and to see it up close. The views around the bay and to the islands opposite made for breathtaking photo opportunities. I went a bit trigger happy as I often do, and managed to duplicate several photos. I love living in the digital age where it’s so easy to discard unwanted images. It was thoroughly enjoyable walking around the botanical gardens, looking at all the wildly colourful plants and animals. I saw my first spiders today, and they looked as though they didn’t want to be disturbed, so I let them be. Either that or I was too scared to go near them for fear of them leaping out at me, wrapping me in their rope-like thread, and devouring me for dinner. It was also a little unnerving to see the size of the bats that occupied most of the branch space on particular trees. These bats are so noisy that it almost pierces your ear drums.

I went out for dinner in the evening with the guys from the hostel, and we decided on pizza, a decision we later regretted. I’ve had enough pizza in my time to know roughly what it should look like, but what we actually received was far removed from what I have ever experienced. It didn’t look like pizza at all, and at the price we paid, I was expecting something much better. It didn’t matter too much. We were fed, and we had a laugh in the process, so it was a good evening in the end. A movie back at the hostel saw out the rest of the evening nicely. I could have slept on the sofa to be honest. It had been a thoroughly eventful day, and extremely enjoyable.

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