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First Day in Munich, Germany – Day 52

2 December 2009 One Comment

Monday 21st September 2009 – Germany

As the same people making all the noise from the previous evening woke up, around 5:30 to 6am, I couldn’t help but feel a little annoyed. Should I tell them to shut up? I certainly wanted to. There was obviously no sleep had by poor little me this night, but I had a feeling today was going to be a good day.

I got up feeling a little groggy, and made my way to the showers. It was a communal shower where up to 3 people got in the cubical together, which I was not comfortable with. It could only be a European thing 🙂 As luck would have it, another guy turned up at the same time. It was a very awkward moment in which no eye contact was made. What made it worse was the fact that you dried yourself outside the showers by a big open window overlooking a car park where people were walking. It was the quickest I’d ever showered and dried myself in my life.

Breakfast was a short affair, after which I readied my bags for departure. At the reception, the same guy who had given me all the info before, asked about my day yesterday, and told me about Oktoberfest in Germany, which is where I was headed next. He is a cool guy and I thanked him for a nice stay, but to keep with routine, I was to move on. I was ready to now.

My train journey today required a change over, and I only had about 8 minutes to change. When my train arrived 5 minutes late, and hung around at the platform, I began to feel a little anxious. The driver did gradually make up the time though, so the anxiety passed. The changeover was short and sweet, and the longest part of the journey commenced. I had 3 hours to chill now, and had a cubical to myself.

As I sat, a brief announcement came over the tannoy system detailing a split in the train at the next stop. All I heard was that I should look at the entrance to the carriage I was on to make sure I was in the right place. I walked to either end of the carriage and the signs read two different routes, both ending up in Munich though, which was my destination. I sat and hoped, and the split happened. More people piled onto the train at this point, and my cubical filled with people. As the ticket guy came round I asked him if I was in the right place, and his assurance was comforting. I now had to share my cabin with people who smell of body odour.

With my destination reached, I entered the Munich train station where people clad in lederhosen filled my vision. They were everywhere. Some girls were bursting out of theirs.

I waited in line to collect my next train tickets, and a drunk guy who was queueing behind me kept leaning into me. He was French He slurred a sentence in mixed languages at me, asking if he could go before me. I said no. He smiled and wanted to give a high five, but he was dirty and I didn’t care much for niceties. He seemed offended but was non-threatening to me as he could barely stand. Guards had entered the room to survey him by now and I asked him to step back from me as he was practically using me as a prop, and he reeked heavily of alcohol. The last thing I wanted was sick all down me. He held his hands up as if to acknowledge my request, and jumped another queue to see if he could be seen first. The people in the next queue laughed with him and let him go first, the girl behind the counter also saw the funny side of it and asked him to take a ticket and come back. All I saw was a drunk French guy.

After parting with a meaty 72 Euros for my next train ticket, I gathered my travel information to the Munich hostel, and descended into the underground to catch the subway. It was virgin territory for me and I sought guidance from the ticket office lady. She was very helpful, as everyone always is in Germany, and told me exactly what I had to do, even though I was creating a queue of eager commuters.

I followed the instructions and found myself where I needed to be and hopped onto the subway. Its a place that could be challenging for a sufferer of claustrophobia. It was quick and hassle free, and I soon emerged onto the streets of Munich with the heat of the sun bearing down on me.

I took a few wrong turns before remembering I had a map, then finding the hostel was a doddle. Doh! The check in was a little long and drawn out but I was soon able to release the weight from my back and front, and collapse onto the bed. A guy from Texas was there, and another from Germany came in minutes after myself. They were both here for Oktoberfest, and were soon dressed and cologned, ready for their night ahead, and left not long after. I went to reception and asked all manor of questions to a guy who was learning the ropes. He was a little flustered and had 3 people to sort out, including myself and a very attractive girl. She was finding the situation quite amusing. I showed my extreme gratitude to the guy who did well in the end, and answered all my questions, and headed in the direction of town to see the local sights for an hour before dinner.

There is not a lot to see in all honesty, but I have a full day tomorrow to see the sights, including Oktoberfest. I thought it started the following Saturday, so I was pleased that I arrived here when I did. I got a good price for the hostel as well, as I read that I should expect to pay double for a room during the festival period.

I went down to the dining room for dinner and was surprised I was the first and only person there. I sat for at least 15 minutes before anyone else showed up, by which time I was almost finished. The room started to fill as I finished, with loud kids on a school trip, so I was glad to be getting out. There wasn’t much happening in the common room, or indeed many people in the common room afterwards, so I retired to my bottom bunk to sort some things and continue my diary.

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  • Scotty Stevens said:

    I see you have a YouTube channel, now – this is excellent news 🙂 Germany sounds very friendly.

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