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Heading South to Palmerston North – Day 36

6 September 2010 One Comment

Monday 2nd May 2005

As my journey rolls onwards, I have decided to continue to head for the South Island before the winter gets a firm grip. This being the case, Palmerston North seems to be the appropriate destination for today’s travels, although I may have wished I hadn’t bothered in hindsight.

I left my current residence in Napier and headed straight for Palmerston North, but not before taking a large number of wrong turns. It seems getting out of Napier is just as hard as getting in, or maybe it’s just me. Either way I found myself on the road and heading further southwards.

Along the way I decided to stop for some food. It was a good idea as I was hungry, and haven’t yet figured how to exist without the need for food. I also took the opportunity to use an Internet café to check on emails, or so I thought. Once inside the building it wasn’t long before I discovered I was in a computer learning place, not an Internet café as I had thought. I must have looked pretty odd walking in, only to walk out seconds later. The receptionist studied me closely during my brief episode.

I arrived at the Pepper Tree Hostel not long after getting back on the road, but wasn’t overly impressed. The hostel looked fine, it’s just Palmerston North that I’m not so keen on. It reminds me a lot of Manchester back in England. Busy, built up, and not much of anything of interest to look at. At any rate, I was here, and I had eaten, so all was not lost. I have a lot of ideas at this point about where to go from here. One part of my brain wants me to go to Australia as soon as possible, another part wants me to come back to New Zealand’s North Island to work after I have travelled the South Island. The final part of my brain was making sure I was eating and drinking each day, which is nice.

At the hostel while I was sitting in the lounge area collecting these thoughts I was having, I couldn’t help but notice a guy walk in. He was directly in front of me so it would have been worrying for me had I not noticed him. I’m not sure what part of the brain I would need to consult about this failure, but I’m sure it’s not the part that makes sure I eat.

Anyway, this guy was called Raymond. It’s not a name I conjured up for him, he actually told me this information. If it were up to me, I would have given him an altogether different name. I would have chosen something like Git, or Idiot, or maybe Crazy Freak Head. My reasons for this are not unfounded. You see, he spent the best part of an hour standing in my personal space mouthing off at anything and everything New Zealand related. He was both uninvited and certainly unwanted. He told me to hate all people from New Zealand, as they hate everyone else. He also told me not to *?%£ about in New Zealand on a holiday, but to work all I can and keep my head down. I didn’t care much for his tone, or his foul language, and after hearing much of his sorry life story, I turned away to browse some leaflets that were strewn across the table. I wasn’t aware how much longer he proceeded to billow out a string of insults and general negativity, but when he finally left I felt an incredible urge to stick two fingers up at him. Quite honestly I’m not surprised people here hate him.

I went into town later for lasagne and salad, then returned for a stint in front of the television. Afterwards I played on my roommate’s guitar for a while. It has been a long time since playing my own guitar, and I have missed it incredibly. It was good to have a strum before bed, so to speak.

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  • Scott said:

    Glad you enjoyed your strum!

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