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Hervey Bay – Preparing for the Fraser Island Trip

20 June 2012 3 Comments

Wednesday 2nd March – Hervey Bay, Australia

With my tour of Fraser Island booked and paid for, and due to commence tomorrow, I had the day in which to prepare myself and to relax in Hervey Bay. To be honest, I had everything I needed for the tour, and so all that was really left for me to do was to explore Hervey Bay properly. I slapped on the sun cream and ventured out towards the sea.

Before I went anywhere, I had a brief chat with the owner – who is pretty cool – and his mate who had just walked into the reception area of the hostel. These guys are obviously good mates judging by their banter, and they explained to me how to catch muscles and cook them. Apparently they are really nice, and I would like to try them if I had the chance.

I had a bit of lunch by the sea which appeared to be very calm, and afterwards made my way to the hot sand below me to bathe in the sun. The sand was extremely hot in places, and I had to almost run to the sea to cool off, yet the water was hot, like a bath. A sign said no swimming, and I was warned about the water being prime shark territory, yet a few others were in the water, so I ventured out just a little.

Beneath my feet the sand was rough and crunchy, almost as if it were laden with the shells of the little creatures that scurried about my feet. Crabs hurried off in all directions as I approached, and little fish gave me a wide birth. At times I caught glimpses of crabs the size of two hands side by side. These were a little slower at vacating the vicinity, and looked to be giving me the evil eye. I must admit, I wasn’t comfortable about walking on this sand. The water was still very hot, even a little way out to sea, yet the depth of the water barely changed. I seemed to be knee deep in water no matter how far out I walked. The ever increasing rocks and sinking sand gave me cause to stop walking and to just sit for a while in the warmth.

The warmth from the water offered little comfort from the gleaming sun above, and I really couldn’t sit for too long in the sea. I had to make my way back to the beach. The constant feeling there may be a shark nearby also gave me reason to retrace my steps back to shore. It was possibly stupid of me to be going into the water given the warnings, but a few others were doing the same.

Being too hot to sun bathe, I walked along the shoreline, laughing at how all the little crabs darted off in all directions. It always amuses me how a crab can look at you, holding its ground, then darting off sideways, almost as if it’s not in control of its own body. One little crab danced about in front of me, back and forth, then lunged at me, nipping my toe. It was very funny.

Dead fish were washed up along the beach here and there, and a huge lump of rotten flesh was being devoured by a few hungry birds. I imagined this was the aftermath of a shark attack, but it probably wasn’t that exciting. Either way it was rotten, and smelt a bit. The heat from the day had sapped my energy by now, and I returned to the hostel for a cold shower and a siesta. Later I had my dinner and packed for my Fraser Island Tour tomorrow. With the room to myself tonight I was able to relax and unwind into the evening.

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  • Trainee Visa USA said:

    Hey Daniel, I find your blog entry entertaining and at the same time hilarious especially on your encounter with little crabs. Those sea creatures scare a lot of me especially when their pointing their pincher as if they ready to attack and bite you but I had to admit I love them when they’re already turned into scrumptious crab dishes.

  • dan said:

    Thanks very much. For their size, they do give a nasty pinch, but it is funny to watch them as they confront you, ready to defend themselves 🙂

  • Casas Vacacionales said:

    Your trip in Hervey Bay seems pretty interesting because you get to see a lot of sea creatures that day and as I read your post, it made me realize how brave you are Daniel since you still went to the sea even if it is a sharks’ territory.

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