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Hunting Penguins and Sorting My Car – Day 60

11 January 2011 3 Comments

Thursday 26th May 2005

A somewhat frustrating day materialised today as I had the unfortunate task of getting my car Registration done and the Warrant of Fitness, similar to a Tax and M.O.T in the UK. It was – on the other hand – a pretty good day aside from this.

I began the day venturing into Dunedin town by foot to find a place to get my Vehicle Registration done. I found such place and was told I needed to get my Warrant of Fitness (W.O.F) done first by a very patronising girl behind the desk. I left in search of the W.O.F place nearby, then walked in and obtained a fee for the service in verbal form. It seemed fairly reasonable, so I would need to go back to the hostel and get my car. First, though, I headed into the main shopping centre.

I have been thinking a lot about this trip – how much I have done and how much else there is left to do – and devised a plan for the coming month. It turns out I needn’t spend too much more time travelling around. I have seen everything I came here to see up until now, and have no money problems, therefor any need to work anywhere. It seemed right that I should head back up the coast and slowly make my way back to Auckland to fly home again. For this reason I went to book my flight ticket home in a local travel agent for the 14th June.

While in town I saw Catherine again. She was just walking about with not much to do; looking a little bored if I’m honest. I was already heeding out in the afternoon to see the Penguins and asked her if she wanted to come along for the ride, which she did. She looked quite pleased about this, and I’m sure it will be good fun.

I later picked up my car and took it for its W.O.F, and after a while waiting, the car was returned to me. I was given a list of all the things wrong with the car, and was told they all needed to be done before I could obtain my warrant of fitness. I was also informed it would take at least a week. This didn’t appeal to me one little bit, even though I was hardly surprised by the amount of things needed doing to it, so I declined and took my car away. I’m sure I can find a smaller place that is willing to do it for a lot less.

I came back to the room in the hostel and was pleasantly surprised to find a German guy playing his guitar, albeit, not very well. He was just learning at this point. I asked if I could play a few tunes, as I have been missing my guitar terribly, and he said I could. While I was playing, Catherine heard the music from outside and came in to join us for a while. She shared similar music tastes to me, which is quite unusual to me as I like a lot of things that others haven’t really heard of before. I tend not to follow the crowd, and not to like what I am told to like by the music industry. I like Catherine. As well as being very beautiful, she is well spoken, fun, and has a great fashion sense, almost hippie.

I set off with Catherine to the Peninsula to see the Penguins, but as we walked along the pathway to where the Penguins were, we were told we shouldn’t be there without a guide. The fact that we hadn’t paid – or even seen the signs to suggest we had to pay – was further reason for us to turn back. There were no more guided tours for today so we were unsuccessful in seeing the little animals. It was a shame, as I would have loved to see them. Instead we headed out again, and to a beach that we saw a sign to along the way.

At the beach it was clear that nobody else was there. There were no other cars in the car park, and as we walked down to the water we couldn’t see anybody else. We sat for a while, the only two people on this lovely beach, and chatted about various things. It was a truly great moment, especially as the sea was crashing against the rocks in the distance, and a strange mist hovered not far from the shoreline, limiting our depth of vision. I felt totally relaxed, as though I could stay here forever. It was getting a little cool by now, though.

On the way back to the hostel we had some deep and meaningful conversation. It’s meeting people like this that make travelling such an incredible experience. You meet some great people, and some not quite so great, but every once in a while you meet some amazing people. We got back to the hostel and had dinner, then watched television for a while, playing a few games also. We had planned to go to the Steepest Street tomorrow, then I would perhaps be on my way again.

While I was talking with Catherine she excused herself to go out for a quick smoke, but she never did return that evening. I spoke briefly with a couple of friendly Scottish Girls that arrived later that evening, then took myself to bed.

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  • Scott said:

    I forget – was that the last you saw of Catherine?

  • dan said:

    As it turns out, that was the last time. It’s funny how these things turn out sometimes.

  • Scott said:

    Yes, indeed 🙂

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