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Meeting My Friends in Sydney

1 November 2011 No Comment

Tuesday 25th January 2011 – Sydney, Australia

Today began much like any other day, with the sun rising, and the temperatures souring. I had to finish my packing this morning, as I was off in search of a new hostel where I would meet some friends from back home in the UK. I had a long walk ahead of me in this blistering heat, but it was a good feeling to be moving on again, as it usually is.

I set off after saying my goodbyes to the friends I had made in Blue Parrot Backpackers, and soon found myself gasping for water as my body was dehydrating at a rapid rate. I stopped every 5 minutes it seemed for a swig of my fast-depleting water bottle. Eventually I wound up outside the Wakeup Hostel and signed in. It was a big place, and from experience I knew it wasn’t going to be the nicest of hostels, but I am always willing to be proven wrong.

In my room two people were still sleeping, which always means either they are jetlagged, ill, or recovering from a night out. I knew which it was. I tried my hardest to be quiet, although whenever I try and be quiet, I always end up making more noise. After dropping a few things and falling against the wall with a thud, I decided I should vacate the room and let the other guests sleep in peace.

I headed for the city for lunch in the busy shopping centre and found myself sitting next to an interesting lady. I don’t know how the conversation started, but it soon took a strange turn, and we ended up talking about the end of the world, and how we didn’t have much time left on Earth. It was a deep conversation, and one that left me in thought. As she stood up to leave, she apologised for the depressing mood I must now be in, but I was as much a participant in the conversation as she, so we just laughed and that was that.

Sky Tower ViewI returned to the hostel to sort some things out, and the two people were still in bed, so I headed next for China Town. From here I then visited Darling Harbour, then Cockle Bay, and back to the Sky Tower for some great views around the city. I came back around 5pm and still one person slept.

Later that evening I met with my friends and it was great to see them again. We went into the city for pancakes, and chatted about all the things the girls have done up until now, and all the places they have already been. Basically they had been to all the hot spots up the East Coast of Australia, and I couldn’t help but feel jealous, even though I still had it all to come. All about Sydney people were busy getting things ready for the coming Australia Day. On the way back to the hostel a guy walked past us and said Hey Dan, to me. He said he recognised me, but didn’t know how. I didn’t recognise him at all. It was a strange moment, but we had a joke with each other before walking on. My two friends and I headed for the side bar to see out the evening watching some cool live music, then having a bit of a dance.

It wasn’t late when I came back to my room, and there were drinking games going on in the middle of the floor. Some of my possessions were scattered across the beds, and I was a little intimidated at this point. I took what I could see and put it with the rest of my things, then decided to go for a wander until the games had finished. An hour later I returned to find them still playing. It was midnight at this point, so I went to the television room to waste some more time. At around 1am, I came back to find the games had finished. Finally I could get some sleep. There was a girl in the room and we said hello to each other, immediately being told to Shut up by an Irish guy who was the one in bed all day, and who was obviously very drunk now. He muttered a lot of bad language at us and to himself for a minute or two, and I was beginning to wish I wasn’t in this room.

I went to brush my teeth and get ready for bed, but when I returned the door to our room was open. Another guy from the room was standing outside and said You don’t want to go in there, the Irish guy has just been sick everywhere. This was wonderful news. My initial thoughts and fears about this hostel had been realised on my first night here. I could smell the vomit from the hallway. It took around another hour for someone to come and clean the mess up, all the while the guy kept throwing up. I was fearful for my things, and had to endure the smell so that I could pack everything away and hide it from any chance of being thrown up on. After which I went to the reception and asked if I could be moved to another room. The guy was as rude and unhelpful as could be, but I paid the extra and moved to a smaller dorm room. Only two beds were in use, but neither were occupied at the moment. I was thankful to be out of the room from hell, but I had yet to see what state the people in my room would be in when they finally got in. It was around 2 – 3am when I got into bed. When the two guys came back from their night out they were loud and inconsiderate, and proceeded to talk and joke until they got into bed. One guy was out like a light and snored the whole night, while the other just lay there humming to his music and tapping the wall all night long. It had not been a great introduction to the Wakeup Hostel.

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