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My Flight Home From Nice, France – Day 71

3 February 2010 2 Comments

Saturday 10th October 2009 – France

My journey had come to an end today, and I was to fly home today. It has been an incredible journey with many stories for me to tell when I get back home.

It turns out the guy who was to see the Opera the previous night was so tired he wanted to sleep rather than go to the Opera, he was so excited about it as well. He didn’t even have any dinner he was so tired.

I did my usual routine this morning for the last time and packed for the last time. The bag seems much heavier this time around, and I seem to have more things, although I don’t recall buying anything extra. It turns out all but 2 of the people in the room were leaving today, so we all had our things out all over the place trying to sort it all out. Luckily most of my stuff was where I wanted it and it didn’t take too long to pack.

My plane was at 9:45pm tonight so I had a long day ahead of me to waste away. There was not really anything else I wanted to see either, so I wasn’t sure how the day would pan out. I tried the email again this morning with no joy, but wasn’t too bothered now as everything was sorted. All I had to do was to keep myself busy today until my flight home. The weather wasn’t great so I couldn’t really sunbathe. Maybe I could just sit on the beach anyway.

I went out and just wandered around, hoping the day would just pan out. I went first to the beach and sat for a while. The sun was trying to break through the clouds, and every so often the heat hit my face, and I was beginning to wish I had put sun cream on this morning. As it happens, the cream was packed away in my locked bag back at the hostel which was closed for cleaning.

I took a walk all along the beach in the direction of St Tropez, obviously with no intention of actually reaching it, but just to get an idea what other parts of the beach were like. As it happens, it was all the same. By now the sun was high in the sky, and the battle with the clouds was won, and my head was getting hot.

I walked back in the opposite direction to the harbour on the next beach to Nice, but came back when I could feel myself start to burn. I sat in the shade watching the world go by, and feasted on an ice cream. I asked for an orange Callipo, and got a tropical fruits one instead, but it was equally as nice.

The day wore on and I enjoyed the buzz around Nice today. As it was the weekend, everyone was out and about and the pavements were overrun with people.

I watched a pan pipe band for a while, and had to laugh when a drunk guy turned up and acted like he was at a rock concert. He was well into the music and pushed his way to the front, cheering at the musicians, head banging to the rhythm very badly. As the musicians finished their set, the over-excited guy cheered for an encore, clapping his hands and banging his feet. They played a few more songs and at the end, the guy reached into his pocket and bought their CD, looking very pleased with himself. He walked away, struggling to put the loose change in his pocket, not having enough hands it seemed to hold his new purchase and sort his money out. He seemed puzzled with the lack of money he now had as he passed me, and stumbled on into the distance.

I grabbed some dinner and went back to the hostel for my bag, spending time to make sure all was as it should be, then began my final journey, destination home.

Feeling very hot and sunburned, I set off for the bus station. Incredibly, the clouds had been gathering again and it started to rain. I quickened my pace when I really didn’t want to, and had gotten very hot and sweaty by the time I reached the bus stop. I was first on the bus and sat down, bag still attached, and tried To cool down and dry off.

Time went by at the airport and it was soon time to start checking in. I was a little early at the Easyjet Desk, but the lady behind the check-in desk said it was OK to check in now, so I walked over to her.

She asked me to put my bag on the scale, which I did, then she told me to return it, which I did. She was French and it was hard to understand her, but she seemed upset by the fact I had taken the bag off, so I put it back on again. She asked again for me to return the bag, then asked me to close the bag. I looked at my bag slightly puzzled as she turned to talk to her colleague. When her attention was back to me again she asked why I hadn’t closed the bag, so I asked what she meant, as the bag was well and truly closed. Pointing at the straps she asked again, so I gathered she meant to do the straps up, which I did. She said it will do, then asked to put the bag back on, so I did. As she asked me to return the bag once again, I was clueless, I had no idea what she wanted me to do, so she got out of her seat with a huff, grabbed my bag and turned it over, throwing it back onto the scales. As she sat back in her seat, muttering under her breath, I was a little shocked at what I had just witnessed. She didn’t look at me as she hurriedly completed my ticket, slamming about as she went, muttering still. She handed me the ticket, reeled off some information in French, knowing full well I wasn’t receiving the information, then threw the ticket on the counter in my direction. She looked up as if to catch the attention of the next passenger, so I took the ticket and felt very welcomed into the Easyjet flight system! This was my first Easyjet flight, and my first impressions were not great at all.

I went through and waited for my flight, and when we were called I went straight to the lady at the gate, who politely told me it was only express boarding first. So like an idiot, I turned around and waited with the rest of the passengers for my boarding group to be called. I was called and it wasn’t long before I was sitting in a row of 3 seats to myself, waiting for the flight to begin. The journey was great, and we were ahead of time. The cabin crew were fast and efficient, and I enjoyed the short flight. I felt a lot better about the whole Easyjet experience by now.

After the flight, I grabbed my bags and headed out to meet the folks who were waiting for me. My overall experience with Easyjet was great, I would use them again, but the initial check in was laughable, and I was shocked at how myself and my belongings were treated. Not good.

It was great to see the folks again, and I was looking forward to telling all my tales. But for now, this journey had concluded. It was a great trip, both parts, and I hope its not too long before I’m out travelling again.

If you have followed my travel journal, I thank you so much, and hope you have enjoyed my trip with me, but now I must sleep.

Until next time!

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  • Scotty Stevens said:

    Very enjoyable, thank you! I shall look forward to your next writing! All the best, brother!xxxx

  • dan said:

    Thank you kind sir. I’ll start my New Zealand diary very soon. Thank you for being a frequent visitor 😉 See you soon brother xxxx

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