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My Journey to Huttledorf, Vienna – Day 54

7 December 2009 2 Comments

Wednesday 23rd September 2009 – Vienna

Another bad night sleep. Some guy even dropped all his money all over the floor during the night and spent the best part of 20 minutes picking it all up, his torch beam dancing round the room, sending periodic flashes of light towards me. More snoring, and a lot of flatulence coming from another guy on a top bunk, luckily not above me. I guess I’m getting use to this now 🙂

Nothing of any real importance happened this morning, I just waited a lot. After checkout I boarded the subway for a few minutes, ending up at Munich main train station. From here I waited again for my train to Vienna.

The first train took 2 hours and dropped me off at Salzburg. From here I had to collect the connecting train to Vienna, a 3 hour trip. The first journey was a bit boring. I had a nice girl sit opposite me but she slept the whole time. The second was better as it had power outlets, so I could use my laptop. I also started out by having a cabin to myself. I passed a lot of pretty scenery today on both trips, and the sun was very warm. It was a nice day.

I got to Vienna main station and ventured out to get some food as it was getting late. I heard the hostel is out of the way a bit so I didn’t want to chance waiting until I got to the hostel. I could only really find a kebab place by the subway, and I got a chicken kebab burger. It was food at least, but it went everywhere, all over my face. On top of that I had to eat it in front of all the pretty commuters heading in and out of the station. I was getting very hot and sweat was dripping down both sides of my face, but I knew I couldn’t wipe it as I would put kebab all over my face. I knew my armpits were also very wet, and I felt very conscious of myself standing there. I must have looked a right state. All this just for some food.

After I finished, I headed for the underground again and negotiated my way to Huttledorf, where the hostel was waiting for me. I sat on the train sweating outrageously by now, and people were looking at me. I decided to make a thing about it, and exaggerated my puffs of exhalation, and also the wiping of my brow. It seemed to get a few smiles at least.

Once off the underground, I stepped out into the unknown. I must have gone out of the back entrance to the station, as no-one was around. I struggled with an over sized and over complicated map, and didn’t really achieve anything. I looked right down one way of the railway track, then glanced left in the opposite direction, over the bridge. And as if an angel was looking out for me, I noticed a sign saying Huttledorf Hostel this way, what luck 🙂

The walk took me over the railway bridge and a few hundred meters down the road, with a quick pit stop at the local shop for a drink. I arrived at a fairly nice hostel with an odd lift. The girl at reception told me I was on the sixth floor, and then mentioned something about the lift that I didn’t really understand. When I used the lift, nothing happened. It was only later in the evening that I realised, you can only go somewhere if someone else the other end presses the button. In other words, if your on the bottom floor and want to go up, you have to wait for someone on the sixth floor to bring the lift up, and vice versa, very strange!

I was allocated a top bunk tonight, which I’m not too fond of, but at least its only once in a while. With my bed made, and sufficiently less sweat enveloping my body, I went down to use the free WI-FI. Unfortunately for me though, it only worked for a short while then I couldn’t get it to work anymore. All the best spots for picking up a signal had already been grabbed by the other numerous laptop-wielding guests. I was able to write my diary at any rate. Tomorrow I will see what Vienna has to offer.

I managed to see out the evening on the web, watching a bit of Man Utd on YouTube, and also watching a football game on TV with some of the younger lads. It was a German game by the looks of it, I think one team was Koln (Cologne).

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  • Scotty Stevens said:

    That lift sounded really funny, and I had a chuckle! Oh, bruv – we would have a scream if we went travelling, together!

  • dan said:

    Of course we would, which is why we have to do it, and soon!!

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