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Newcastle Wildlife Park and Some Latino Underground

16 November 2011 One Comment

Friday 4th February 2011 – Newcastle, Australia

It was a usual night of not much sleep, largely because of the heat, but now with the inclusion of a snoring guy on the bed beneath me. He thrashed about all night in his sleep, rocking my top bunk bed back and forth. No matter how many times I attempted to wake him, he always returned to the thrashing and snoring. None of the other guys in the room slept either. Still, today was another day, and I aimed straight for the beach, again!

Katie joined me this morning as she had the day off from work, and we spent all morning in and out of the sea. I absolutely love body surfing, and I think I am getting quite good at it now. We bathed in the sea and baked in the sun, and when lunch time came around we headed back to the hostel.

This afternoon we planned to go to the wildlife park. It was a short bus ride away, but possibly one of the strangest bus rides either of us has ever had in our lifetimes. The people on board were an odd bunch indeed, and every time somebody new got on, it was like we were watching a horror movie. Each person looked strange, and ugly-looking. I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but the people on this bus were not the brightest bunch.

One particular woman pressed the button to stop the bus, and as it ground to a halt she stood in the aisle shouting something down to another person further down the bus. This woman looked frightening, and sounded drunk. She yelled at this guy asking if he was getting off now. He mumbled something back; she shouted again, he mumbled… This went on for some time, yet the bus driver just sat and waited. Eventually the woman sat back down, cursing under her breath the vilest words imaginable. When the pair finally got off at the next stop, they both went in opposite directions. The guy looked as though he was on another planet, and I could only smile at the scene that had unfolded before our eyes.

Newcastle Wildlife ParkKatie and I had tried our hardest not to laugh while on the bus, but once off the bus we couldn’t help ourselves, and laughed out loud at these crazy people. We were actually glad to be off the bus in the end. We had a long walk now down a hill to the wildlife park, and it was very hot, but sheltered at least.

Pretty BirdsWe spent a while looking in all the enclosures and saw some colourful birds, reptiles and sleeping Koalas. We walked around the large enclosures, home to the kangaroos and other larger animals, and then decided we had seen enough. The park is relatively small, but at least it was free. The animals were similar to any we have seen in captivity before, and our interest wasn’t spiked at all. The heat was playing its part also, and we just wanted to come back to the hostel in the end.

We got to the bus stop just as the bus was leaving, and almost screamed when we realised we had an hour to wait until the next one. We wasted time in the local shops, had an ice cream and sat, waiting for the time to go. Eventually, 1 hour and 20 minutes later, the bus arrived, late! Finally, we began the journey home. After a shower and a nice pasta dinner, we felt a little better. There was some live music on at a local bar tonight, so we decided to head out to that.

The group was Latin, and played great Latino music. They are called Latino Underground, and they had everyone on their feet dancing. It was good to see everyone enjoying themselves. It was also funny to see gorgeous-looking Spanish girls dancing with plain-looking local guys. It seemed a mismatch, but some of the dancing between the pairs was mesmerising. I must admit, I do have a weak spot for Spanish girls, so I was in my element. We both had a good night and got back to the hostel quite late. I hoped tonight I would have a good night sleep, and certainly felt tired enough.

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    Sounds like things are hotting up!

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