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Shane’s 10 Buck Tour!

8 February 2012 One Comment

Wednesday 16th February 2011 – Yamba, Australia

Today was set aside for a day trip around Yamba, on a tour labelled ‘Shane’s 10 Buck Tour!’. I had visions of a hyped up jolly around Yamba for 20 minutes or so on a tour bus, before being dropped back home, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I didn’t have to wake too early this morning, which was good seeing as I had woken late. I had time for breakfast and a stroll around the hostel before the tour commenced, and when the tour was imminent, the reception area filled with a group of travellers all anticipating a great tour. The group that had assembled consisted of several nationalities, mostly Swedish, and mostly good looking girls, so I was happy. Shane arrived and ushered us to the minibus waiting in the large storage area out the back. We each hopped on the bus and the tour began.

A Beautiful BeachShane started by introducing himself, and explained about the day ahead. It actually sounded quite fun, and very action-packed. I was already enjoying myself. Shane reminds me a lot of Steve Irwin, the crocodile man, and his enthusiasm rubbed off onto us all. I had been told stories of this tour, and how I had to partake in it. I was beginning to see why. We drove around all the beaches in Yamba, and were given a run down on the best places for swimming, surfing, or just hanging out.

Next stop was a fresh water pool, and along the way we stopped to see something. Now, before I go any further, it’s worth mentioning that if you are planning a trip to Yamba, and want to partake in this tour, you have to stop reading now. This article contains spoilers that will ruin this tour for you. It’s best going with an open mind, not knowing what will happen. For those who are not going to Yamba any time soon, or don’t care about spoilers, read on.

In a small hole in the rocks, Shane said he saw a snake. He spent a while looking inside the hole to announce that it was in fact a snake. He had it under his control, and wanted us all to gather around for a picture on our cameras. He wanted to get the snake out for us all to see, and we were all excited, and slightly anxious. After a brief count down, Shane whipped the snake from the rock and threw it to the ground in front of us all. Several girls shrieked, and the guys even more so, before we all gathered our composure enough to see what was a pretend, rubber snake on the ground in front of us. Laughter broke out among us, as well as a few sighs. We had been had, victims of a funny prank, and we all knew it. This guy is good, and his acting is flawless.

We arrived at the water pool and regarded the rock face that we were to be jumping from. It didn’t look too high, but high enough. Shane explained that we would climb the rocks and jump into the water. I couldn’t wait. The water was very warm, almost like a bath. We didn’t want to get out, but the rocks were calling, so we climbed out and began to shuffle up the wet rock face. Once at the top it looked a little higher, but one by one we all jumped in.

Leaping into the Fresh Water PoolI landed on my arse a little, but the feeling was great, and when we got back to the rock face, Shane began to go higher, and stopped at a ledge much further up the rocks. This looked high, but there was no way I was going to pass this opportunity up. I climbed to where he was and looked down at the water below. This was high! I leapt out into the air and fell to the water below with a thud. I had landed a little on my arse again, this time with an element of pain, but what a thrill it was. Several others attempted this height as well, although some refused to do it. I had my second and final leap from the top ledge, and it was just as fun this time around. Shane was jumping off backwards with a technique worthy of an Olympic medal, but there was no way I was brave enough for that.

Billabong's HouseWe drove next to a nice photo spot where we each had our pictures taken, as well as pictures with all of us. We saw Billabong’s house on the cliff-side overlooking the sea. This is where the name ‘Billabong’ started, and where he lived for a time. We later drove past it to see it in all it’s glory. The house was huge, and very appealing on the eye. I could certainly live somewhere like this. Apparently, Richard Bransen had also stayed in Yamba in one of the big houses here. Whether any of this were true or not, the houses were obviously very expensive, and I could definitely believe these people have been here.

Our next stop was to an ocean-side bar, where apparently there was a surprise waiting for us. We were taken through the bar to a small platform outside over the water. Piranha Pool was waiting for us, and Shane had bread for us to feed them with. We each took turns to feed them, and the fish splashed about frantically. Shane pretended to push some of the girls in, and they shrieked, but it was all a big joke. In the water were hungry fish all right, but completely harmless. They were certainly not Piranhas. Again, I had to laugh, and had to admire his enthusiasm.

We came back to the hostel and showered before relaxing into the afternoon. It had been a great trip, made all the better for all the bull that Shane threw at you, and all the jokes he told. I had no idea if anything he had said was true or not, but it was a lot of fun. I thoroughly reccommend this tour to anyone going to Yamba.

In the evening there was a party laid on for Shane for his birthday. Lots of people gathered for a buffet and games, and cheap drinks. We had a table tennis tournament, and I was drawn against Shane in the first round. I couldn’t very well beat the birthday boy, so I lost gracefully. Actually, I was pretty well beaten in the end. It was a great night spent with great people, and one of the most memorable days on the trip so far. I knew this would be a day I would always remember.

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  • Scott said:

    This sounds like you had a great time. This must be what travelling is all about. We’ll be doing this soon, bro!

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