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Sightseeing Bratislava in Slovakia – Day 57

2 January 2010 No Comment

Saturday 26th September 2009 – Slovakia

Having already spent the large part of yesterday wandering around, seeing the sights and attractions, there wasn’t an awful lot left to see today. I had a day to use up somehow, and I managed to spend a lot of the day just aimlessly pottering about, sitting here and there, watching the world go by around me.

This morning was the first morning that nobody woke up early, we all slept until about 8am. Ironically, we all began to wake up at the same time, all wanting the shower and the toilet. A few times I made the trip to the showers, but had to turn back due to someone already occupying them. I found a gap in the end though, and did what I went there for, to shower.

After this I entered the kitchen for a rather small and bitty breakfast, but it was just enough to see me right for the morning. I ventured out into the glorious sunshine, and to the supermarket for my days supplies. I sat around for a while, then went back to the hostel, hoping to use the lounge area to relax for a while to kill time. The cleaner wasn’t very happy with me being there so I began the second stage of my wander through the streets, until such time that I could go back into the hostel. Other people were still showering and getting ready so I’m not sure why or even if I was in the wrong for being in the lounge. Anyway, my wander took me back through the small cobbled streets, and through the masses of tourists, following their tour guide like a flock of sheep, constantly clicking their cameras, and pointing frantically at sights all about them. Although it was busy, it was nowhere near the numbers of yesterday. It was Saturday, so there were no students hurrying to their buses or trams etc. The streets were a lot quieter.

There was, however, some sort of film production going on. Some parts of the street were closed off for brief periods as the cast and camera crew played their roles. It didn’t look particularly thrilling I have to say, but I’m sure the finished article will be much more polished off. I shall have to look out for it when it is released, see if I made it into any of the shots 🙂

After successfully winding away the day, I plodded back to the hostel, my feet a little heavy, and sat back in the lounge area. Here I sat for a while, updating my diary and surfing the web. A few people flitted about, the cleaners still going about their daily grind, as I just sat and waisted time. I took off later in the evening for a bite to eat before returning to the lounge.

I sat watching the football in the evening, Arsenal v Fulham, and watched as people came in and out making their dinner. One guy in particular was from Japan. He walked into the kitchen with a huge shopping bag full of ingredients, and came out of the kitchen with a plate piled high of rice and meat. After hoovering it down with audible slurps and gulps, he washed his plates and went to his room. He returned minutes later with a bag of fruit and proceeded to devour lots of bananas. This guy was quite old and quite small and thin, yet he was eating like a hungry hippo. He finished his fruit and went back to his room. Again, minutes later he re-emerged with a box of peaches and 2 big yoghurts. He went into the kitchen for a while and returned with only a few peaches left. He offered me one before returning to his room once again. This time he didn’t return. I liked this guy because as we were sitting watching the football, he kept making strange karate sounds every time anything of interest happened on the TV. It was funny.

I got the impression people were a bit annoyed with me watching the football, so I couldn’t really get away with watching another game. I switched the TV off and went up to my room, all beds being taken this evening.

A couple of Aussie girls were packing a ridiculously large amount of things into a small suitcase, and it was funny to watch them for a while. It wasn’t long before I got bored and went to sleep.

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