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Sightseeing Vienna in Austria – Day 55

29 December 2009 No Comment

Thursday 24th September 2009 – Austria

It always amazes me the way some people can get into bed at 2am, and still get up at 5:30am. It always seems to be the way in hostels. Those who go to bed later, get up earlier. In the case of one guy last night, this was exactly what happened. He wasn’t quiet about it either, and made sure he yawned as loud as he could as many times as he could.

Still, on with today. The showers in this place are a little pants it must be said. There is nowhere to hang anything, and the floor and shelf are soaking wet, and each press of the tap gives you around 5 seconds of water. Anyway, it cleaned me, so job done.

I figured out how to use the lift today also. It was actually yesterday I sussed it, but today I put my new found knowledge into practice. There is a slot to swipe your door key card, this then activates the controls in the lift. Clever me! So I was able to use the elevator down 6 floors to the breakfast room this morning.

Breakfast also wasn’t too special, with a small variety of things to choose from. But I was fed, so job done. Afterwards I readied my gear for the day ahead.

It was around 9am this morning that I left the hostel, giving myself plenty of time to see all the sights. Firstly, though, I had to get there, so I took one subway route from the hostel, right into the heart of things. On the subway was a family of Italians. I say they were Italian, because they were. One of the girls, must have been in her mid 20s, was possible one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. Our eyes met a couple of times, and as she left she looked back and gave me a smile. I don’t think I could ever forget her pretty face and deep brown eyes. Anyway, I stopped in a place called Landstrabe, and headed up to the surface where Vienna was revealed to me.

At first glance there was not a lot in the way of interesting things to see. Lots of scaffolding on buildings and workers on the streets, but not a lot else. I took a walk through a park with a pond which was very nice, then came out the other side. I found my way to an information place to find out about a sightseeing tour of some sort, but it was packed to the rafters with tourists, and after waiting about 20 minutes in the queue which didn’t move, I walked out and decided I would make my own way around everything.

There were a lot of stunning buildings and architecture to see, and I was impressed, but I don’t know if all these Opera Houses and arty stuff is really my cup of tea. I’ve been drinking coffee mostly this trip. I walked around all I could though, and saw most things. I headed back in the direction of the subway to go back to the hostel. As I passed the last landmark, a couple of women who were laughing and joking, went in different directions. One came to me and spoke in German, but being a little naive, I thought she was after directions, so I said I was English. She then started to ask me for money so she could get some food, so I said that I had none and she walked off. A few minutes later she found me again and begged me to give her money so she could live. I just walked away. I understand that some people really are at the end, and have no way of getting themselves out of trouble. I am sorry for these people, and I always give money at charity events. But these women were well dressed and were obviously happy, laughing to each other. They didn’t smell bad, or look dirty. They looked like they were after easy pickings from the numerous tourists ambling about. I have no time for these people.

I walked back through the park and sat down for a while in the sunshine. A little way away from me there was a cheeky little puppy getting up to all sorts of mischief. He was chasing the birds around on the grass, and trying to scare the butterflies in the bushes. I loved the way his back legs tried to overtake his front legs while he was running. Another little pup was also bounding about like a little lamb, trying to scare the people walking by. A drunk guy was trying to get some sleep on a bench away from it all. There were a group of ladies doing aerobics which was a cool idea, but one lady really wasn’t putting any effort into it. After watching the world go by, I set off again in the direction of the subway.

I trudged back up the hill to the hostel and chilled for a while. Vienna didn’t really live up to its expectations for me, but I saw it all, so job done. My next stop was in Slovakia (Bratislava), I’m sure I’ll enjoy that more. Vienna is a really beautiful city though, and a nice place to bring someone you love I’m sure.

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