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Taking the Ferry to Manly Beach

29 October 2011 One Comment

Saturday 22nd January 2011 – Sydney, Australia

After having had possible one of the worst nights sleep of my life last night, I decided on going across the water to visit a place called Manly, which apparently is home to many beautiful beaches. The other guys came as well, and it was shaping up to be a hot day.

I had only managed to sleep from about 5:30 am, due to a sore throat keeping me awake. That, and the fact it was extremely hot throughout the night, but I awoke with an excitement for going somewhere new today. It would also be the first time on the ferries, so that should be cool.

The three of us walked to Circular Quay, and found the ferry we needed to take. Nearby, there were Aboriginal people playing the didgeridoo to music, and getting tourists to sit with them for a picture. The music was quite cool I have to admit. We jumped on the ferry – well, walked – and set off for Manly.

Heading for ManlyLooking back as we went, we could see more of Sydney appear, the further away we went. The city looked awesome with the Opera House and Bridge in full view, great for a photo opportunity. There were also other significant points of interest, all of which I had little to no knowledge of. This is where my Australia (Lonely Planet Country Guides) has to come into play. It is a wealth of knowledge, and will explain all of this to me, I hoped.

We arrived in Manly some 40 minutes later after a very scenic ferry ride, and were instantly aware of how busy the place was. It seems everyone comes to Manly in the summer when it’s hot. The main beach was very busy with so much going on. Many games were acting out on the sand, including one in which the contestants had to line up facing the wrong way, then as the whistle is blown, they have to turn around and run a short distance to be the first to retrieve a stick. It looked interesting, but again, I had no knowledge of what it is called, but only knew that everyone seems to love it.

We sat for a while sunning ourselves in the glorious heat. I was applying my sunscreen vigorously every 5 to 10 minutes, but was feeling the affects quite strongly. The other guys were also hot, but not as much as I was. One guy was using a cheap brand cream, and applied once the whole day. He didn’t even tan by the end of the day. The second guy was using a strong cream but only applied a couple of times. He got a little burnt by the end of the day. I was using factor 30+ and was applying every 5 minutes, yet somehow, I was on fire with the heat. I wondered if being on the opposite side of the world meant everything was opposite. The water escaping down a plughole spins in the opposite direction, so there may be some truth to this.

Our walk back to the hostel was very painful for me, and I didn’t feel so good. After a quick shower, I lay on the bed and began to feel very sick and dizzy. My nose was streaming, as were my eyes, I had a sore throat and a bad cough, headache and achy body, and I was burning up. I lay with a wet cloth to my head, and applied ample after sun cream, hoping to ride it out. For a few hours I was in a bad way, and had people checking up on me, but as the evening drew on, I began feeling a lot better. So much so that I was able to go and get food with the guys.

Needless to say, that night I was out like a light, and awoke briefly to the banging about from a group in our room just coming back from a night out, but soon fell asleep again. It had been an eventful day, and one to remember. I think I need some stronger sunscreen from somewhere, and a hat. Tomorrow I can see to this.

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  • Scott said:

    Ouch, seems like a hot place!

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