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The Journey to Auckland – Day 2

17 February 2010 No Comment

Tuesday 29th March 2005

Today I would eventually arrive in New Zealand, after more than a day from when I set out from the UK. After a day in the air I was ready for some rest and relaxation.

At the halfway point of the journey I had to change planes at Hong Kong airport. It was a huge airport, and a little daunting for me I must admit. I was feeling the strain on my tired legs as I travelled the immaculate corridors of this very clean airport. I sat down at one point and was almost afraid to as the whole place was so clean. I thought I might be told I was in the wrong.

The whole process went without any glitches, and it wasn’t long before I got onto the next plane, destined for New Zealand. I was not particularly filled with joy at the prospect of another ten to twelve hours in the air, but I just wanted to get on board so I could get some sleep, or at least try and sleep.

This plane was a little smaller than the last, and had more legroom. I was amazed at how few people there were on board on this flight, and as such, I had a row of three seats all to myself, and against the window as well, so I was very happy indeed. This would be a great chance for me to get some sleep. It felt like luxury, as if I was in first class. I was able to stretch out, sleep, fart, or do whatever I wanted, without worrying about anybody else.

I arrived at the airport, and I must have had a sign on my face saying ‘Suspicious Person’, as I was stopped at every point I could have been stopped at. I was even pulled over in the busy airport for a security guard to rummage through my backpack. It was a little strange though, as his eyes were still wandering around the airport as his hands were going through my things. I wondered how he managed to see what was in my bag, or whether he was going by touch rather than sight. Either way I was let go, and continued on my way.

I found my luggage – much to my relief – and made my way to the main entrance of Auckland Airport, where I was looking out for a shuttle-bus that I hoped would take me to my destination. I only had to ask the first shuttle-bus driver, and he said he was going in my direction, so on I hopped using my plane ticket, result!

In the bus were a few others, but we were all too tired to make any decent conversation. I actually avoided eye contact in case I triggered off any verbal diarrhoea from any of them. My head wasn’t in the right place, and I may have ended up killing them, or worse.

The bus finally rolled up outside ‘The Aspen Hotel’ where I would be staying for a couple of nights. It isn’t a hotel, but more like a hostel. Everyone was very friendly and helpful as I checked in. I was unaware of the time at this point, but was very aware how quite it was about the hotel. Everyone was tucked up in bed, and I longed for my bed to banish some of my fatigue.

Click Image For Larger ViewWith key in hand and bag on my back I trudged up the hallway to the stairs to take me to my single room. I wasn’t brave enough to try a shared room just yet, and especially not a dorm, and most certainly not on my first night when I was in a robotic state, unsure of where I was or what I was doing. So I paused outside my room, looking up at the number nailed to the door to verify I was where I needed to be, and used the key to reveal my temporary accommodation. Basic just isn’t the word, but at least it was functional, and I honestly didn’t care at this point as I was ready to just pass out on the mattress. It seemed like the Ritz to me.

Click Image For Larger ViewI literally threw my belongings onto the floor, jumped into my bed shorts, then flopped onto the bed where I lay motionless. I had a quick look around the small room, glancing briefly at the chair, towels, bedside table and lamp, then closed my eyes thankfully. Up until now I have been blissfully unaware of how hot it is, but now as I try to sleep, the heat is overwhelming. But it wasn’t enough to prevent the inevitable slumber that I gratefully fell into. Finally, I was asleep, journey complete.

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