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The Journey to Australia

24 October 2011 No Comment

Tuesday 18th January 2011 – Journey to Australia

Another day, another journey. This time Australia was my destination, and I was very excited indeed. I couldn’t wait to be sunning myself on the gorgeous beaches, or bathing in the clear, blue seas. I would soon be surfing, and relaxing in the chilled out hostels, meeting some great people. But first, I had the small problem of a lengthy journey to get through.

I set off on 18th January 2011 after saying my heart-felt goodbyes to my nearest and dearest. It’s never easy looking into my Mother’s tearful eyes, knowing we won’t see each other for a long time. And although the rest of us try to keep a brave face on, it’s hard to hold back the sadness. But this time around I didn’t feel quite as emotional as I have done in the past. I was more excited now, as I have been planning this trip for a while. It’s not to say I wouldn’t miss my family though, because I always do, and always will.

The first flight to Kuala Lumpor with Malaysia Airlines was a good flight. I enjoyed the food, the movies and the games. The service was as helpful as I have ever experienced, and the people I was sat next to were very nice. It was a good start to the journey, although I wasn’t able to get any sleep, and my eyes were now very red and strained. There is also that point on a long flight where it appears you aren’t moving at all. I constantly watched the flight map, and each time I looked, we seemed to be over the same piece of land, half way through the journey. It looked as though we were about half way for most of the flight. I must stop looking at the screens.

Kuala Lumpor AirportKuala Lumpor AirportThe wait at the airport seemed a long time. I found some comfy seats to help ease the waiting process, and I sat for a while, anticipation filling my mind. I was mindful of the fact I had another long flight ahead of me, but the worst was over. I watched the vehicles moving about on the runways at the airport through the large windows, and listened to the Australian accents all around me from the families also occupying these reclined seats.

I spent the next flight sitting next to a cool Kiwi guy, and it helped ease the monotony a little. I was able to get a little sleep also, and felt better for doing so, although tiredness had enveloped my body by this point. The onboard games and movies kept me from nodding off and straining my eyes again, and before too long, we had landed.

It was fairly easy finding the shuttle busses – much to my delight – and I was pleased to be on the final part of the journey. I always get a strange feeling at this point. I am happy to be almost there, but anxious of the fact I have to switch to social mood soon, and to be conscious of all things around me. I also needed to find food, especially as it was the middle of the night by now. I wanted to be in my bed at this point. I have always agreed with the saying It’s better to travel than to arrive, but it’s also nice to be tucked up in bed where you don’t have to think about anything for a while. I was also very aware of the heat, even at this time of night. This made me smile.

The shuttle Bus driver was very friendly, and saw me to the door of the Blue Parrot Backpackers. It was here that I would be staying for a while, and I wasn’t sure what to expect when standing outside. I have never been entirely happy and confident at the start of a big journey, and I don’t think I ever will be. This part of the trip is always filled with much trepidation, especially as it’s been over a year since my last outing. A year is plenty of time slip back into everyday life, and to feel comfortable in the mundane day-to-day rituals. It’s hard for me to adjust, and to come out of my comfort zone, but I am always happy when I do, and feel all the better for it.

I had to lug my bags one last time into the building, and was greeted with a smiling face, many smiling faces to be honest. The girl behind the reception desk took my details, and then introduced me to a few of the long-staying guests (one being from my home town which was nice). I was shown around, and then taken to my room where I sat my bag down and introduced myself to the guys still awake at this point. They were a good bunch in this room, and I knew I would be OK. It was heavenly to fall onto the bed and begin the process of recuperation. The heat, though, was insane, even with the ceiling and floor fans on full. This will take some getting used to.

I still hadn’t eaten, and was hungry, as well as thirsty. I needed to find somewhere to eat before I went to bed. A Woolworths supermarket just down the road was my saviour this evening, but I was shocked at the prices. I paid 4 dollars for a drink, and another 5 for a pie. If it cost nearly 10 bucks for a light snack, I was dreading how much it might cost for a proper meal. Anyway, I had satisfied my hunger, and was ready for bed. A brief conversation with a few of the guests in the kitchen that night had settled me in somewhat.

My journey was now finished, and now the fun could begin. I was looking forward to having a wander about tomorrow, and to see this place in the light of day. I had arrived, and I was now very happy.

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