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Venice by Foot and by Boat – Day 63

14 January 2010 No Comment

Friday 2nd October 2009 – Venice

Well, to start with it was probably the best night sleep I have had all trip. The mattress was worn in the middle so you couldn’t help but slip into the centre, and the noise from outside was a lot to bear, but there was no noise from anyone in the dorm like I thought there would be, so I was very pleased, and slept all night through. Being extremely tired also helped.

I nipped out early for a walk along this side of the river, although there was nothing of any interest. All the sights are situated on the main island. Breakfast wasn’t enough to really fill me so it wasn’t long before I was wanting lunch, so I decided to go to the main island. Today though, my water taxi card had run out, so I took the trip over without a valid ticket. Its great though because nobody ever checks to see if you have a ticket, so you could easily get away with a free ride every time, but I’m not like that 🙂

I bought a ticket the other side to cover me for the next 24 hours, the ride back to the train station tomorrow also on my mind. I took a long walk along the touristy areas that I hadn’t seen yet, and found my self in a nice long parkway full of benches, so I sat for a while eating my lunch, which was cheese, ham and meat in rolled up bread, heated up. It was lovely, and very Italian. The sit down was nice, and gave me a chance to observe the pigeons, who looked as though they had fleas. A couple especially were constantly battling with themselves, biting and scratching. I didn’t want them to come near me. I was done with bugs.

After my rest I walked to the end of the main island and took a taxi back to the hostel. I stopped here just to get some sun cream, then set out again, the sun now very hot. With my taxi ticket, I thought it would be nice to ride it all the way to the last stop, which just happened to be the main square. This way I could see lots of Venice from the water, the ride being fun as well of course.

On board the sun was baking, and I was glad for the layer of protection on my skin. The wind blew through my lovely golden hair, ahem! It was really good. It was like a tour boat, without the cost of a tour. It was Friday and so everyone was out on the river. So many smaller boats were getting in the way, gondolas also blocking the way momentarily. Many horns sounded, which made the river resemble a main road, but with water, it was great fun. I had a massive grin on my face the whole time. Lots of people were snapping away on their digital cameras, and I was no exception.

When we finally arrived at the last stop I was a little sad, but I had used up enough time. En-route was a huge cruise liner docked up, waiting to be deployed. I struggled to see how a boat so big could stay perfectly upright.

Back on land it was time to do more sightseeing. Everywhere I went I kept seeing these sweet shops with the most welcoming and enticing smell imaginable. I wanted to get a particular sweet that I kept seeing, and had my eye on, but wanted to wait until after dinner. Otherwise I would eat it and wouldn’t have any room for my pizza. I managed to find the shop I visited with friends on the school trip I had here, and it instantly brought back memories.

I managed to drag out the time until dinner time, although in Venice you’re never really dragging out time. There is always plenty to see. I knew a place I wanted to go already and headed there. I thought it would be busy, but whether it was because I was a little early, or it just wasn’t a very good place, I was the only customer there. It stayed this way until an English family came along just as I was leaving.

This would be the place for me to have my Italian pizza. It was a quiet street restaurant, so I thought it might have a little character. In all honesty, the service wasn’t great, neither was the pizza, but it was nice. I had a beer and felt happy enough that I’d accomplished my evenings first task. It was now time to fulfil the second part. My nose lead me to the nearest sweet shop and I bought a sweet bun covered in a honey coating and nuts. It was yummy and vanished down my gullet in no time at all.

As I sat outside a free, open museum, playing classical music, eating this delight, an upper class English guy stood in the doorway belting out the classical music at the top of his voice, very badly I must add. He was a snob and his girlfriend/wife wasn’t really impressed as she sat outside looking the other way. With his brief serenade over, he rejoined his disinterested girlfriend/wife, and walked off, pink jumper round his shoulders, walking like he had an apple up his….. I think you know.

Having satisfied my hunger and my desire, I made for the taxi to return to the hostel. The air was very cool by now and the taxi ride gave me goose bumps, but it was exhilarating. I entered the common room and used up the remaining time on the WI-FI card that I had. Amazingly, I found it hard to find anything to look at or do on the Internet. I had e-mailed everyone, sent a message on facebook, and been to all the sights I would normally visit. I was actually bored, so I quit the net and just went up to the room. I got ready for bed and just stared out at the river, watching the boats go by, in particular the cruise boats that were setting out. I could see the flashes of peoples cameras as I looked from my top bunk by the window, and gave a smile and a pose. I hoped someone would be watching.

I could hear others making their way to their beds for the night so it was time for me to get some shut eye.

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