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3 December 2011 No Comment

The next item on my list of what to take when travelling has to be something that I find I use almost every day. It is of great comfort to me and can alter my mood for the better almost instantly. Carry on reading for your latest travel tips, but remember, this series of articles is constantly updating, so make sure to check back often.

Items listed so far :

  1. Mini Laptop
  2. Power Traveller | Power Monkey
  3. Digital Camera
  4. IPod
  5. Cag in a Bag

Today’s item in the series of what to take when travelling is of course the IPod. Maybe it is obvious to some, maybe it is an unnecessary luxury for others, but for me, it is something I probably couldn’t do without. At least, being without my IPod would cause a negative effect on my travelling in some way. My IPod is one of the first things on my list when preparing for a long trip, and here’s why..

A lot more people nowadays have jumped onto the Apple bandwagon, with reduced pricing being one of the main contributing factors. It appears some luxuries are more affordable now. The IPod has been around for some time now, but its ever-evolving style and functionality has enticed more users to opt for the IPod over cheaper and less appealing brands. I am one of these people, although my IPod is somewhat ancient now.

The age doesn’t matter to me because it’s what my IPod gives me that is most important to me. It can alter my mood with a single song, calming me down if I am feeling a little tense or anxious about a situation. There are many times during a trip where your senses have to be alert, and sometimes it’s hard to bring yourself back down to a relaxing state afterwards. The IPod does this perfectly. You could argue that it’s the music that does this, and not the IPod, but without the IPod you have no music.

I spend a lot of time actually travelling on my trips, so I have a lot of time to kill. Mostly I am content to just look out the window at the world passing by, or I am happy to watch a movie as long as it is half decent. But I always find I need something that is personal to me. I need something that I can rely on to help me endure the monotony that travel brings sometimes, and the IPod – once again – does this.

It also helps if you find yourself sitting next to somebody that you would rather not be. It is unsociable to plug in your headphones and listen to your music, but sometimes you need somebody to get the hint that you just don’t want to be listening to them babbling on about useless, insignificant dribble. It is harsh, I know, but necessary from time to time.

My IPod helps me sleep quite often when I am in a hostel dorm where noise is a common product. Frequently, people come and go at all hours, and being woken up several times a night, each night, starts to wear a little thin after a while. If you find yourself in employment at any point, and need to get some sleep, it can sometimes make you extremely angry and annoyed at the guests making the noise. An IPod helps to keep you calm, and can block most unsavoury noise.

My IPod also acts as a motivator at times when I’m feeling slow and lethargic. It helps me to prepare myself for a long day of work, or travel, and can enable me to make better decisions. At times when I feel like I am not bothered, it can often let good moments pass me by. If I am motivated, I am more likely to enjoy myself.

So it isn’t just a device in which to listen to music and pass the time, neither is it a device in which to shut yourself off from the rest of the world. It is one of your most loyal companions, and I wouldn’t be without mine, that’s for sure.

Item four on the list of What to Take When Travelling:


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