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What to Take When Travelling, Article Series – Mini Laptop

15 November 2011 No Comment

In this series of articles I am going to be looking at what to take when travelling, and weighing up the good points and bad points of each. I want to give you, the reader, a better chance of avoiding over-packing, and concentrating on the things you really need. Read on for your useful travel tips, and come back regularly as this list is constantly updating.

Items listed so far :

  1. Mini Laptop
  2. Power Traveller | Power Monkey
  3. Digital Camera
  4. Ipod
  5. Cag in a Bag

The first item on my list and probably the most important in my opinion is the Mini Laptop. I can’t quite put into words just how important having some kind of connection to the World Wide Web is in today’s society. Everybody seems to be wired up in some way to the net, and communication between friends, family, or even complete strangers has never been easier. Any form of hand held device is good to have, but in my opinion a mini laptop is more ideal due to functionality and cost.

Dell Mini 1018 10.1 inch netbookWhat need do I have for a mini laptop? It isn’t imperative that you own a laptop, and lots of people find it far better to travel light anyway, but for me, having a laptop with me has helped out on a number of occasions. Sure, I could get by without one, but my life has been made so much easier for having one. Let me explain..

I own a Dell Mini 1018 10.1 inch netbookDell Mini 1018 10.1 inch netbook that is a few years old now. It was bought with travelling in mind due to its size and weight, and doesn’t possess an awful lot of memory, nor does it pack a particularly large punch in terms of what it can do. I bought it to keep up with communication using social media sites, and to update my website. It also became the tool I used to book hostels or to consult maps. Also, train timetables and bus fares could all be looked up, provided I could find somewhere with free WiFi. In case you were unaware, McDonald’s have free WiFi, and lets be honest, there isn’t a town in the world that doesn’t have a McDonald’s, is there?

Basically, any time you need information, which is quite a lot when you are travelling, often the internet is the only place to find it. And as prices of internet use can damage your holiday funds, having the option of free usage has got to be a plus. For those without a mini laptop, quite often, just finding a computer terminal to log on to is hard enough. Given that each computer differs from the next, getting used to using a new computer takes time, each time, and more so if you are abroad and the keys look unfamiliar. With your own laptop, logging on is always the same, and all your bookmarks and quick links are there at the touch of a button. Through experience, trying to obtain information and booking my onward journey has been particularly stressful in the past.

Of course, you can play games on your laptop, or watch movies, look at pictures and even work. The possibilities are endless, and at such reasonable prices these days, you don’t have to be so weary of security. After all, who is going to want to steal a cheap laptop, given that most people have them these days? I’m not saying you don’t need to worry about being careful though, as safety and security should always be at the forefront of your mind. I would worry more about getting my iPhone stolen, and as good as they are with all their ability, I would still opt for a laptop in terms of ease-of-use.

For those looking to work while travelling, you might want something a little better than just your average mini laptop, something like this: HP Mini 210-2002SA 10.1″ NetbookHP Mini 210-2002SA 10.1 inch Netbook. Either way, having a mini laptop should aid greatly in you travel, enabling you more time to do the things you enjoy most.

So, if you use any of the following: Facebook, Skype, WordPress, E-mail, or if you want to book flights, accommodation, travel or tours, or check account details online safely, your life would be so much better with a mini laptop. If you need a little entertainment once in a while, or want to write a journal, or look at your pictures or video, you can do all this with a mini laptop. I say a mini laptop because a normal laptop would take up too much room, and would be a target for thieves. There are so many benefits for taking a mini laptop travelling with you, and I can’t really think of any viable reason not to, other than safety issues or impracticality.

Item one on the list of What to Take When Travelling:

Mini Laptop

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