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Why Travel? – 10 Reasons to Travel

31 October 2011 3 Comments

People sometimes ask me why I travel, and what I get from travelling, or why I don’t want to settle down and have a family, when there are many answers for all these questions. None of which are right, or wrong, just personal to me. Read on for my 10 reasons to travel.

1. The Weather. It seems an obvious place to start, but living in the UK makes finding the sun a real task at times. The summers in the UK rarely produce much in the way of sun. That being said, it is one of my favourite places in the world when the sun is out, as there is much beauty here, but I desire the sun year round, and without it I just feel down.

2. To Discover Cool Places. We all like to discover new places on our travels. It’s why we go on holiday to places each year. We see a place in a brochure or in an advert somewhere, and we decide we want to see it for ourselves. I am terrible for this. I see a place and I want to go, then I see another place etc. My list is a long one!

3. To Meet Great People. Rarely do I meet unsavoury people while travelling. If anything, I meet people more like myself, who share the same outlook on life, a desire to see more. These people have all contributed in some way; to the person I am today. I believe everybody has some kind of effect on you throughout your life, but when travelling, you meet so many people that the change in you is more apparent.

4. For The Culture. There is nothing I like more than sitting outside a cafe somewhere warm, watching the world go by. I love to watch people (not in a creepy way), and to see what people do. They fascinate me, especially when I cannot understand what they are saying. You tend to look more at the body language, and sometimes you can tell what people are saying just by how they act. Anything that isn’t normal or common to you has the potential to educate you and to make you more aware of how different each country is from the next. Observing what people do, and what they eat, and speaking to people whenever you get the chance, gives you a better understanding of culture, and how your own culture could benefit from a little education sometimes.

5. Emotional Benefits from Travelling. One of the primary products of travelling – for me – has to be the emotional benefits I gain from it. It isn’t the primary reason why I travel, but I do benefit a lot from the adventures I have. A combination of all the above points helps me to understand myself better, and to gain confidence on a level that I never knew was possible for me. I am a different person travelling, and there is nothing I won’t try. I suffer less from illness, and I have energy in abundance, thus giving me a desire to be mobile each and every day. I just don’t feel this way when I am back home.

6. Obtaining a Better Outlook on Life. There is no doubt that travelling has given me a better outlook on life. I have seen what else there is to offer in this world, and I have seen how people live in different parts of the world. There is still a massive divide between countries and cultures, and the opportunities that each possesses.

I am one of the lucky ones in where I was born, and the chances I have been given, and I want to make full use of that. Don’t get me wrong, I admire those that have found true love, and a career that suits. I do envy those who have it all worked out in terms of the job, the family, and the money, but I want something different. I want to see what else is out there before deciding where to drop anchor, as I don’t know how long I have been given on this Earth. I want to be able to walk through the big white gates at the end of it all and to tell the big man that I am happy with all that I have seen and done, and that I have no regrets.

7. To Find True Love. Well, I must admit, it is a reason for me. It may not be a main reason, but it is a feeling that I hold deep within me, and one that can only increase with each passing day. I would love to meet somebody from a foreign land, and to settle down with them in a country that I am happy to be in. It is a fantasy, but I don’t think it is an impossibility. I would like to think I have come close once or twice, but as yet I am still searching.

8. For the Love of Travel. Simple really! Why not travel simply for the love of travelling!? I don’t really know what that means, as travel is such a general word, but maybe there is no reason to travel, other than just because you love it. I’m sure this is always one of the reasons I travel, and I have heard it said to me by others before, so I’ll pop it on this list.

9. To Make People Envious. Well, I don’t think I will win many people’s hearts with this one, but it is a reason for me, and I’m sure others as well. I have never been particularly academic, nor have I ever been very skilful. I have my areas of expertise, but they are not areas that necessarily get noticed. I hear about others doing well, and I want others to know about what I am doing. I was always the quiet one in school, and often bullied. It would be nice if these people could be reading about my adventures, thinking how jealous they are of me. Maybe they would feel bad for the pain they caused me in my younger years – maybe!

10. Just to Get Away. Sometimes, the daily grind gets to us all, and all we can think about is getting away from it all. There doesn’t have to be a reason other than this. I feel trapped here sometimes, almost like I am in a rut that I can’t get out of. I love my friends and my family, but I get itchy feet, and I desire the life of a traveller. We all need a break sometimes; I just need a break all the time.

This list is by no means complete. There are a number of reasons I could add to this, but these are the general points that pop up when the travelling bug kicks in. I hope I never lose the desire to travel, but if I do, hopefully this list can inspire me in the way that many people from all over the world have already done so.

The world is full of many great places and incredible people, yet there is so little time to enjoy it all!

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  • Scott said:

    Great list. It makes me want to travel and have amazing adventures even more!

  • dan said:

    Thanks mate. I’m sure you will soon enough 🙂

  • RoseBruce said:

    “To Discover Cool Places”

    Love this phrase and I do agree with this. Me, I do love travel especially to my favorite places that is Korea, Japan, and China. I want to discover something that is very cool to see and something that is very attractive. I just love seeing places that I dream every night, wishing to go there, and have some fun.

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